Circulars 2 and 3

As annouced previously, the 41st annual conference of MELCom International will take place in Naples, Italy, from Tuesday 18 June through Thursday 20 June 2019, in two prestigious institutions:

The first day, Tuesday 18 June, it will be hosted in the Rare Room of the National Library of Naples “Vittorio Emanuele III” while on the following two days, Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 June, the venue will be the Conference Room of Palazzo du Mesnil (19th century), one of the sites of the University “L’Orientale”, at via Chiatamone.

An excursion will punctuate the scientific programme on Friday 21 June.

The second circular which includes a number of detailed practical information on the venue, accommodation, social programme, etc. as well as the firm registration form, has been addressed to those who have expressed an interest in attending the conference as per the first circular which was available on the website (removed on 27 April 2019).  

If you have returned the first circular with your pre-registration form and have not heard from the secretary of MELCom International so far, please write to her immediately as the extended deadline expires on 7 May 2019.

The third circular which will announce the scientific programme will be released end May to those who have submitted their firm registration forms.

MELCom International Board members